BBMP Opens A Central Call Centre For Complaints Of Illegal Buildings and Deviations From A Sanctioned Plan.

I think this is the first time a Municipal Body has started a Central Call Centre to take up complaints in regard to illegal buildings and buildings with deviations from the sanctioned building plan. I think this is a remarkable positive sign in the long history of BBMP. The details of the public notice is as below.

Constructing illegal buildings and deviating from the sanction plan in the juristiction of BBMP has become prevalent. In order to prevent this a call centre has been set up in the Palike Head Office and is fully functional from 01.12.2009. General public can register their complaints or grievances in this centre. Concerned Engineers have already been suspended for negligence and inaction against illegal construction or for deviating from the sanctioned plan.

This Call Center will function 24 hours even on sundays and General Holidays to enable/felicitate public or register their complaints/grievances either by phone or in person.

Complaints will be registered at the call center and provided with a unique complaint number, complainants can enquire the status/or action taken of complaint by quoting this number. Within 24 hours after the complaint is registered the Executive Engineer-Technical Vigilance Cell will inspect the spot and if any deviations are found will place a notice on the property and suitable action will be initiated to remove encroachments.

If information is not obtained within 24 hours of the complaint, the complainants can contact the superintendent Engineer of the Technical Vigilance Cell.

If it is found that the complaint is false at the time of inspection, a fine of Rs.200 will be collected from the complainant. The public can register complaints at this call center only with regard to building construction. We request you not to register your complaints in other control rooms of BBMP.

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike,
Office of the Commissioner,
NR Square,
Bangalore-560 002.
Call Center:91.80.2222-2753/2227-6151.
Superintending Engineer:97390-42401/2297-5516.


  1. Hi All,
    I see Illegal construction is happening in BTM 1st stage. Owner of this Building is BBMP Employee. He did Ground plus 4 Full Floor Construction without giving space on any side of Building. I want to know is it common in Bangalore. But I can expect same thing done by BBMP employee. If we talk with them they are telling everything is in our hand. No one is having daring to do any action.
    In 1200 Square Feet space he did 14 2BHK houses.
    Please do action against him otherwise after 30 days I am planning to go in Media to take action against them.
    Address of Illegal construction site.
    #72, 10th Cross, 20th Main, Gangtri Bar Circle,
    Maruti Nagar Road, BTM 1st Stage,
    Bangalore – 560029

  2. My Name is P.Narayana Murthy, residing at # 27/1, Stephen’s Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005. Adjacent to my property/premises, property No 28 is developing his area by new construction. The construction is in total voilation of the Sanctioned plan and bylaws as applicable and in vogue. The premises owner Mr.K.Lakshman has used the total area of his site as well as abetted the construction on West, North and East as well as South side of his sital area. He has illegally erected a shed in front of my house measuring 10 ‘ x 20’ and has put inmates in the said shed. There is no toilet nor sanitation available in the vicinity of the premises still he has made this shed for the habitation of the labourers . In doing the construction, Mr.K.Lakshman initially ought to have obtained No objection from the neighbourhood for the damage,loss and nuisance that will happen during the course of the construction but without anybody’s consent he has just taken off the construction causing absolute nuisance to me as well as the other neighbours around the premises. The Vertical height of the construction in process is around .40 to 45 ft and the sital area seems to be more than that of Schedule in the documents and the documents submitted to the BBMP during the course of obtaining the Licence to construct the premises. As I have not receiv ed any communication as to the restoration of the loss/Damage caused to my premises and the Compound Wall Garden , wherein nearlly 25 plants have died due to the fall of cement rubies and other related premises materials. My terrace has become uglly, my front and side wall are spilled with cement , as my patience has gone beyond the bearable limits, I am reporting this mattet to your good office to initiate immediate action on the reported matter. I also undertake, any thing that has been reported herein is found to be false or otherwise at this given time and date, I am willing to pay any penalty or stricturers as determined. It is therefore once again appealed to initiate immediate corrective measure and save the resepect of the Law of the Land.

  3. 3


    I am a resident of 2nd main 10th cross, NGEF Layout Nagarabhavi 2nd stage Bangalore 560072 and on behalf of the residents of this area I would like to bring the following for immediate action. In site no 39 2nd Main 10th cross NGEF layout Nagarbhavi 2nd stage Bangalore 72 a shed has been constructed and attach to the shed a toilet has also been constructed. Both the shed and the toilet plan not been approved and it is constructed on a temporary basis. For the toilet sanitary connection was also taken without the knowledge of BWSSB. The temporary toilet so constructed was overflown and the sewerage water from the toilet was flowing to the rain water charandi and hence we the residents lodged a complaint to BWSSB. The concerned Engineer of BWSSB was kind enough to destroy the sanitary connection taken to the shed as the same was not an authenticated by them. Further, it was taken with out remitting the road cutting charges and also clearance from BBMP. After destructing the sanitary line connecting to the temporary toilet the problem has been multiplied as the dirty water from the kitchen and the bath room from inside the shed is directly overflowing to the rain water charandi. Since the rain water charandi is blocked due to fall of dry leaves and the flowers from the street trees the dirty water is accumalated in one place and it has become the inhouse for the mosquitoes and also it will be place for the generation of mosquitoes. Now in Bangalore, dengue fever is spreading every where and we the residents are scared very much that this kind of nuisance is creating very much problem. We have taken up the matter with BWSSB after their destructing the main line connecting to the toilet and shed and requested them to resolve our problem. But BWSSB has told any matter inside the site to be taken care by BBMP and not by them and hence requested us to take up the matter with BBMP. When we had complained to BBMP, we have been informed that it should be attended by BWSSB. Thus we are made to run from pillar to post for a genuine problem which is harmful to the reisidents who reside in and around the shed. In this connection we have lodged compliant through web site spandana but no action has been initiated to stop the water running to the rain water charandi. on our taking up the matter AEE Mr Srinivasan, he was kind enough to send their persons to the spot and there after we thought that steps would be initiated to stop the sewerage water flowing to the rain water charandi. But till it is continuing and our only concern that it should be stopped forthwith.

    Further , in the same site four big well like ponds were digged and when it rains the rain water will be accumulated in it and it would cause for the generation of mosquitoes. due to the same the area is full of mosquitoes. Now we request you to do the needful by taking immeidate steps:

    1. to Stop the sewerage water from the kitchen and bath room flowing to the rain water charandi.

    2. to fill up the well like pond digged in the said site so that it would helpful to the residents

    3. If the temperorary shed constructed is an auauthorised one, necessary steps should be taken as per the prevailing rules of BBMP.

    4. Immediate steps should be taken to stop the sewerage water flowing to the rain water charandi.

    In this connection about 20 complaints have been lodged since july 2012 til date through web site spandana and we have been informed by the officials that we should not lodge complaints through spandana. When we were told like that, we have told the person to remove the spandana from the web site.

    We hope that at least now our problem would be redressed to our satisfaction.

    Shashidhara from Senior citizan forum

  4. 4

    Dear Sir,

    This refers to our representation dated 25/12/2012 on the subject matter. A copy of the same with supporting photographs is enclosed for your immediate reference. This mail is being sent with a sense of urgency as the builder seems to be in a hurry to complete the works – despite oral assurance from builder that they will not go ahead with further works.

    We notice that The property under construction (bearing no #560 located on 20th main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041) does not conform to building rules as listed below:

    1. Setbacks not maintained on all four sides.
    2. The building has 5 floors, including ground floor, which we are told is for car parking. However we are not Sure of the same as commercial greed may prevail at the time of occupation.
    3. We are given to understand that the building is proposed to be converted to apartments and bookings have been made accordingly. The no of flats is 8.

    We have serious objections to the above due to following reasons:

    1. Observing set backs is mandatory as per building regulations. By not conforming to the building rules the builder has chosen to violate the rules and it also impinges on our quality of life in terms of lighting, ventilation, privacy etc.
    2. We are not sure if the construction is as per approved drawings. Promotion of apartments in small sites is not permissible. These would also result in about 16 cars (2 per flat) getting added to the site and creating nuisance for the neighbours in terms of excessive / haphazard parking on road.
    3. Needles to mention, the excessive demand on public utilities like water, sewage and electricity.
    4. What certainly beats us is that there no fear of law and the audacity to violate rules at will.
    5. It is also a sad reflection on administration that the administration has not responded to oral / written complaints. There is no checks on building under construction and such blatant violation escapes the eyes of administration.

    Trust issues will get resolved and “Aam Aadmi” doesn’t have to seek judicial intervention at each stage. Seek your intervention / resolution at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

    Nagendra K Rao
    Mob: +91 7760978390
    D.N. Badrinath
    C.A. Dharmakumar
    H.M. Ramarao
    & Occupants of 20th main

  5. 5


    I am an owner of an apartment in Golden Woods (situated in Basavanagar, Bangalore) which comes under BBMP.I stay on 2nd floor
    The owner of the apartment just below mine (i.e 1st flr) has illegally put a grill covering and shade to cover an area just below my balcony.
    The height of this shade is at the same level as my balcony.This is causing dust/pigeon droppings to get accumulated on the shade and causing health issues.
    Also since the shade is combustible, there are chances that it might catch fire from outside/short circuit and my apartment will be worst hit as I have wooden windows/doors facing same.

    Also the shade has covered common sanitary pipes (which includes my pipe also) and wiring.
    This is causing immense problem to us.

    The owner stays outside India and through this illegal encroachment, he is getting extra rent, but we are suffering.
    I had approached the owners committee, and though they had promised to get the shade removed within a reasonable time frame, no action has been taken yet.
    They are reluctant as its only affecting the lives of me and my family.

    Please advise on how to solve this issue as its becoming very difficult for us to stay in this apartment

    Kuheli Mukherjee
    Cell: 91-9886761694

  6. 6

    i live at burdwan in west my local town an illegal call center swallowing up.they have got licence from municipality.they don’t have any licence that necessary to run a call center.please help to take an immediate action

  7. 7

    We see Illegal construction is happening in and around bbmp mahedavapura there are many building which does not have katha , plan approved. Owner of this Building is least bothered . We see huge building Ground plus 4/5 Floor Construction without giving space on any side of Building. I want to know is it common in Bangalore. But I can expect action as to be take immediately on this building and stop further construction . No one from bbmp is taking any action on this kind of building.
    I am planning to go in Media to take action against them.
    Address of Illegal construction site.
    1) Sivaganga layout, 2) mahaeswari layout, 3) behind more mega store, 4) doddanakundi, etc

  8. Hello Sir,

    Myself Govindappa M residing in #8/2, 2nd main road, puttiahnapallya, Jayanagar, 9th block, Bangalore 560069, constructed a house in the year 1992. next to my house, Puttamma constructing a house #8, 2nd main road, puttiahnapallya, Jayanagar, 9th block, Bangalore 560069, is doing a illigal activities, even though i have a Permanent Injection order for my 5 ft passage, and status-cue order not to keep windows and Doors, as per the court order, Puttamma is dumping all the debris on the 5ft passaage which belongs to me and it is difficult to walk in my passage. also they have kept the windows in the 5ft passage where as ignoring the court order. 2 ft passage which is belongs to me they have digged 2ftso that they can keep the grill door. As per the plan it belongs to me. Aslo they have constructed a part of the house which belongs to Government place. Please look into the issue immediately and do the necessary needful.

    Govindappa M

  9. Hi,

    I am a resident of HSR Layout Sector II (opp. to somasundara palya lake). Right in front of the lake there is a land that was cleared apparently for some construction purpose i believe. Now for the past 1 month there are illegal sheds constructed and people have started residing. They collect waste plastics and bottles etc and have converted that area into a dumping ground. They also are illegally pulling electricity from the electric posts right in front of the area. Also, they are contaminating the lake by using it as a public toilet. Day by day the place is getting more and more polluted and the lake as well. Please look into the issue immediately and do the needful.

    Sneha Krishnaswamy

  10. 10

    I am Dr Vinupa G residing at no 21 Thimma Reddy colony, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore 560075, behind my house there is an apartment complex coming up and the person who is constructing this building is violating set backs and in spite of repeated request to follow the norms he is not showing any signs of following the correct norms I request the concerned authorities to take necessary action before it is too late
    Dr Vinupa G

  11. 11

    I am Mr Shubham Agiwal residing at no 86,2nd Cross BCC layout 2nd stage Near Bangalore one office Vijayanagar Bangalore -560040 besides my house there is an Multi-Storey Building coming up and the person who is constructing this building is violating setbacks and in spite of repeated request to follow the norms he is not showing any signs of following the correct norms. I request the concerned authorities to take necessary action immediately.

    Shubham Agiwal

  12. 12

    lic jeevan anand

    BBMP Opens A Central Call Centre For Complaints Of Illegal Buildings and Deviations From A Sanctioned Plan. | Listika – Realistika

  13. 13
    VIK OBERAI Says:

    Illegal construction of apartment
    In Kodichiknahalli, there is huge apartment constructed and allotted to the buyers. many customers already purchased with fake documents .The Name of the building is Deccan Expression.

    Please check the paper and verify . There are so many Hidden factors and the land it self is a litigated land.

    The address is given below.

    Deccan Expression

    Kodichiknahalli,Btm 4th stage,2nd main.Near English medium school.
    Kodichikkanahalli Main Road, Lake City, Bommanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

  14. 14


    Illegal and dangerous constructions without any safety measures.

    I am Vijay resident of #121, 1st main 2nd floor maranhalli Vijayangar Bangalore. There is apartment construction going on of 5 floor building next to our building . Since construction started they have blocked the road for storing construction materials and no one able to use road and it is damaged badly. They have done any safety measures like covering construction site to avoid dust and waste material failing into next apartment which is not even 1 feet away. All cement waste iron rods getting felt into nest apartments and multiple times kids got injured due to this.

    Multiple warnings to construction people and engineer who supervise on this not finding any response.

    Could you please stop this construction with immediate effect until all safety measures implemented.

    Site address: No 121 , ward 125 1st maim , 2nd cross
    Marenahalli, Vijaynanagar,
    Bangalore 560040
    Landmark : near Pallekamma Temple

    Thank You!


    Vijaya S
    Mob: 9632229262

  15. this telephone number does not exist. BBMP / Bangalore authority is a joke

  16. We see Illegal construction is happening in and around bbmp area near to ground address is 973 / 14—– 9 th main 7 th cross BSK I st stage 2 nd block and I come to know it has no proper documents’ done I come to know he as bribed lot of people and also invested 65 lacks until know pls the concern person look into it and action near sitha circle opp to matador stand near rajarajeswari school ground

  17. 18

    Respected sir
    There is a Illegal construction at #15,6th cross Vasanthanagar Bangalore east next to my house as i have filed an RTI application and the consult Executive engineer has provided a notice to stop the work were 3rd and 4th floor are violated as plan given by Executive engineer Mr Harish 9686682555 even tho the construction is going on the building and once again informed Mr Harish to take action but he is neglecting hence my walls are damaged and blocking light and air in our street so requesting u to please do the need full immediately
    u can contact me at 9738942335


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